Our Mission & Vision

Our mission as a Christian ministry is to serve schools, churches, and families in order to advance the success of children who have learning needs. Our vision as a ministry is to reach out to provide the opportunity for every child to receive specialized learning services.

As we look to the future, we know that there is great potential for growth. Studies show that one student in five has a learning challenge. The law guarantees these children a public education.  For families that choose a Christian education, Lutheran Special Education Ministries is eager to partner with them and with churches to help meet their needs.

Our Education Partners

Lutheran Special Education Ministries provides resource room services, professional development, and educational support to churches and schools across the country. Our ministry’s vision is to provide children the opportunity to grow academically and spiritually regardless of the challenges they may face. We’re constantly looking at ways to grow our ministry by serving and supporting as many children, families and Christian communities as possible.

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Our History

Since 1873, Lutheran Special Education Ministries (LSEM), formerly known as Lutheran School for the Deaf, has been serving children with learning challenges. Our organization has a history of dedication and commitment to serving all of God’s children.

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