At LSEM we are truly blessed to have so many talented and passionate individuals leading our ministry. Our national staff, teachers and board of trustees are committed every day to helping improve the lives of God’s children — one child at a time no matter their learning needs. Please feel free to contact any of our team members if you have questions about LSEM and the programs, services and resources we provide.

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees are called by God to serve and carry out the vision and mission of LSEM. Their passion, support and expertise have provided the direction for our ministry to adapt and grow as the learning needs of children continue to change.

National Staff

Whether it’s in our national office in Ann Arbor, MI, or across the country in the regions we serve, our national staff communicates and carries out the vision, mission and overall development of our ministry.


Our teachers are in the classroom everyday working with children who all have unique learning needs and challenges. Their expertise is second-to-none when it comes to serving these students and helping them reach their true potential.