Biking for Brighter Futures

Going Cross-Country to Raise Funds and Awareness for LSEM

logoOver the years we’ve come up with creative ways to help raise awareness and funds to support the great work that our teachers and staff do here at Lutheran Special Education Ministries.

Now we’ve come up with another creative idea!

Dave Klonke, who’s been a friend and advisor at LSEM through his creative and marketing support for the ministry, recently came to us with an idea. He was planning an end of summer round-trip motorcycle ride from Michigan to Florida and back. As he was planning out his route and thinking about his adventure, the idea hit him: what if I turn this into a fundraiser to support LSEM?

We thought it was a great idea too! Our development team brainstormed with Dave and came up with Biking for Brighter Futures.

On Monday, August 29, Dave starts his journey from Rochester Hills, Michigan and takes two days to ride to Treasure Island, Florida — approximately 18 hours and 1200 miles down I-75 on a motorcycle! During his two-day trek, Dave is going to stop and do a number of social media check-ins, posts and videos. Here he will share facts and information about LSEM. He’ll provide similar reports on his way home the following week. What a perfect time to raise awareness of our ministry as our teachers and children begin a new school year!

Here’s how you can help!

  1. Please follow Dave’s travels through our Facebook page and take a moment share our posts so your friends can learn all about the great work LSEM is doing in our partner schools and for the children it serves. Perhaps our stories will resonate with a family who may not be familiar with us!
  2. We also hope you find it in your heart to support this fundraiser by making a donation. Every dollar raised goes directly to helping us build brighter futures for the children we serve. You’ll see we have a number of different donation levels.

Let’s see if we can raise a $1 for every mile that Dave rides! And please remember, follow all the action on Facebook.

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