God’s Work. Always Working  

We’re in the midst of unprecedented times, but God’s instructed us to fear not and trust in him. We know that He is always at work and we are committed to continuing to serve Him through our ministry. Our teachers have always accepted the challenges presented to them. In many ways, this pandemic is no different. They are adapting amazingly to a rapidly changing educational environment and the unique needs of their students.

Our staff is also continuing to work hard to support those teachers and the programs and services we provide.

We hope you enjoy these videos that share a little insight into what our team is experiencing as we continue to adapt and serve our students and partner schools.

Thank you to all who have placed their trust in LSEM. Thank you to our donors who support this ministry throughout the good times and the challenges. Thank you to our teachers who never tire and, as you’ll see in these videos, continue to keep a smile on their faces. Thank you to our staff who works behind the scenes every day making sure this ministry grows and thrives. Thank you to our students who continue to work hard and the school partners who are also dealing with these changes in education. And, most importantly, we thank you, Lord, for all that you have provided us throughout the history of this ministry.

God’s Work. Always Working. (Trailer)

God’s Work. Always Working — LSEM rising to the challenge

God’s Work. Always Working — LSEM teachers share their experiences during COVID-19

God’s Work. Always Working — Things we’ve learned during this crisis.