Welcome to Hearts for Jesus with Lutheran Special Education Ministries!  

Let us begin by saying a great big THANK YOU for your participation in this exciting project!  We have worked very hard to provide you with all the materials you will need to make this a memorable and enjoyable project at your school.  

We pray that you, your staff, and students are touched by the stories of the four real-life children who make this project so special and are moved to help support the thousands of other kids just like them in Lutheran Schools all over the nation.  

We feel so blessed to be the focal point of your prayers and generous gifts and we pray that you will feel equally blessed through your participation in the project.  Our team will be praying for you and your school and we look forward to sharing stories with each other of the lives that are impacted through the work of the Holy Spirit through this endeavor.  

Please don’t hesitate to call upon us if you need help with making this Hearts for Jesus successful in your school community. 

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