Our Fundraising Pillars

Endowment | A gift to the LSEM endowment means you are investing in the lives of God’s children for generations to come. Our functioning endowment has greatly benefited the ministry over the years and has seen us though turmoil, fiscally unstable times, and most recently through the chaos of COVID-19. Your gift would help grow that endowment, which would benefit the ministry both now and in the years to come. If you’re interested in making your special gift last, this is a wonderful donation opportunity.

Resources | The core of our ministry lies in providing the tools, materials, and resources that enable children with special learning needs to be successful in their studies. We continue to reach out to serve more kids. This has resulted in explosive growth: 50% program growth and serving 60% more kids in this past year alone. A gift toward Resources would help ensure that every child has the best individual and specific resources they need.

Expansion | As we continue to reach out to serve more children, we need to expand our ministry’s capacity. Our mission as a Christian ministry is to serve schools, churches, and families in order to advance the success of children who have learning needs. Our vision as a ministry is to reach out to provide the opportunity for every child to receive specialized learning services. As an LCMS recognized expert in special education, a gift toward Expansion would enable us to serve more children learning with Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, and other special needs.