LSEM Frequently Asked Questions

1. Our school already has a resource room/special education program. How can LSEM help us?
LSEM can partner with a school that already has a resource room program in a number of ways. The current resource room teacher on staff could work for LSEM at your school and receive additional training, resources and materials through us, or LSEM could provide services on a consultation basis. LSEM could also provide additional services, such as class screenings that your resource room teacher does not have time to do with the current student caseload. We also provide professional development for the staff at a school to help with specific areas of need.

2. Who pays the teacher’s salary?
When a school partners with LSEM, LSEM pays the teacher’s salary and benefits, if applicable.

3. Can LSEM ensure that the teacher shares our beliefs?
The most important part of our partnership with Christian schools is the shared belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and how our teachers can enhance the ministry of each partnership school. To that end, potential LSEM teachers are interviewed regarding their beliefs and faith life. If the LSEM director feels the teacher’s beliefs match with the ministry of the partnership school, the principal and/or school board also have a chance to meet the teacher and ask appropriate faith-based questions. Both LSEM and the partnership school need to be in agreement that the teacher’s faith and beliefs match with the ministry of the school before that teacher is hired and place in the school.